Carpet Cleaning Denver

We provide the Best Service in the Denver Area

Metro Denver Carpet Cleaning knows that you take great pride in your home. That is why we are dedicated to keep your carpets and upholstery looking their best. Metro Denver Carpet Cleaning uses a powerful mounted steam cleaner that cleans deeper into your carpet and removes all dirt. We recommend vacuuming your carpets twice a week to keep them looking their best and to prevent dirt from building up in your carpet. All of the chemicals we use are environmentally safe and biodegradable. Furthermore, our carpet cleaning Denver services is 100% guaranteed for all pet problems

Pet Odor and Stains

We all love our pets. They are great additions to a family of any size. What we don’t love, is their messes. Your carpet and furniture can look and smell the way it did before your furry friend made it their own.

We provide pet odor control services and various other odor control services to help make your house smell like new. Let our carpet cleaning Denver experts take care of smoke odor, pet odor, and musty odor from mold and mildew.

Carpet Repair

Sometimes your carpet needs more than just a cleaning. That is why Metro Denver Carpet Cleaning offers to repair your carpet as well. You will be surprised at what we can fix.

We offer carpet repair services to remove stains, cigarette burns, and carpets. Our repairs come with a convenient 1-year warranty for all services. We work quickly and efficiently to make sure you are satisfied. Our aim in cleaning your carpets is to restore it as close to its original condition as possible. Our cleaning methods include a pre-treatment, spotting and steam cleaning. If there are heavy traffic lanes or areas that need extra attention, we will scrub to ensure the best clean possible. (Scrubbing is an additional charge).

Water Damage

Our business provides water damage services for your home. Owner Chet Baltimore worked to help repair homes in Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina. We offer standing water extraction, carpet pad removal, sanitation, and carpet pad replacement services, as well as complete cleaning services. Our staff can come out within an hour to fight mildew and mold.

Carpet Cleaning Pre-Conditioning

(Sanitizer, Pet Odor Control, Degreaser, Carpet Stain Removal , Spot Remover) – In Denver, our clients get top notch cleaning and use of modern technology to wash and precondition carpet, rugs, and upholstery. We employ the latest technology in carpet cleaning and per-conditioning to provide you optimum satisfaction and a sense of well being.

Carpet Stretching

Our Denver, remove rolls in your carpet and bumps and smooth your carpets out to repair it. This technique will actually give the carpet a face lift so to speak by stretching out the carpet so it is flat in all areas of the home or business. We have maintained the highest level of customer- satisfaction in Denver for stretching and repairing carpets and are prices are second to none. Our Denver Carpet Cleaning Experts will get the job done right the first time.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rugs are a beautiful addition to your home décor, but caring for these art pieces can be very difficult. With Metro Denver Carpets, you won’t have to worry about that any more.We will drive out to your home or business in Denver and pick up the oriental rugs and drop them back off to you at your desired location when they are finished. Just another reason why we are #1 in Denver for cleaning oriental rugs. We make it easier for your to have your Oriental Rugs Cleaned in Denver.

When you get an estimate from us over the phone, internet, or in person, this price does not change the day of your appointment, unless you ask us to add a service. You will get a professional and not a salesman with Metro Denver Carpet Cleaning.