Carpet Repair

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Sometimes your carpet needs more than just a cleaning. That is why Metro Denver Carpet Cleaning offers to repair your carpet as well. You will be surprised at what we can fix. We are very good at carpet repair

Carpet Repair

We offer carpet repair services to remove stains, cigarette burns, and carpets. Our carpet repairs come with a convenient 1-year warranty for all services. We work quickly and efficiently to make sure you are satisfied. Our aim in cleaning your carpets is to restore it as close to its original condition as possible. Our cleaning methods include a pretreatment, spotting and steam cleaning. If there are heavy traffic lanes or areas that need extra attention, we will scrub to ensure the best clean possible. (Scrubbing is an additional charge when we do carpet repair).

Our Carpet Repair options include the following:

1. Burn Holes

2. Pet Damage

3. Restretching & Reinstallation

4. Candle Wax

5. Water Damage

6. Replace Old Pad

7. Transition Metal & Trackstrip installation

8. We can fix almost any problem


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