Pet Odor and Stains

We all love our pets. Sometimes we need to remove pet odor and stains. They are great additions to a family of any size. What we don’t love, is their messes. Your carpet and furniture can look and smell the way it did before your furry friend made it their own.

We provide pet odor control services and various other odor control services to help make your house smell like new. Let our carpet cleaning Denver experts take care of smoke odor, pet odor and stains, and musty odor from mold and mildew.

We are experts at removing Pet odor and stains from your carpet here at Metro Denver Carpet Cleaning

We Can Help You

1. Light Odor Treatment

2. Heavy to Extreme Odor Treatment

3. Pad Replacement

4. Floor Sealing

5. Carpet Replacement

The first thing we can do to find pet urine odor is to find the pet urine stain. We can perform a UV Black light inspection. This light allows us to see any invisible pet urine stains on the carpet before any carpet cleaning is performed.